User research tool with your ideal participants

from FB, Google and LinkedIn

The biggest pools of participants with the largest selection of recruiting criteria in the world.

Anything, anywhere

Remote + in-house moderated and unmoderated sessions on websites, prototypes and mobile apps.

without sweating

Note-taking shortcuts, visual note board for qualitative reporting, quantative automated reporting.

A better way to recruit your participants

We recruit and handle all the logistics for you: finding the right participants, ensuring they are a good fit for user research and paying out incentives.

Down with professional testers

With Searchness, you have access to the biggest pools of real-life participants in the world, with more and better criteria to select from than anywhere else. We achieve that by recruiting people for you, in real-time on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

Recruit unbiased participants in 22 countries

🇦🇹Austria 🇦🇺Australia 🇧🇪Belgium 🇨🇦Canada 🇨🇭Switzerland 🇩🇪Germany 🇩🇰Denmark 🇪🇸Spain 🇫🇮Finland 🇫🇷France 🇬🇧United Kingdom 🇮🇪Ireland 🇮🇹Italy 🇱🇺Luxembourg 🇲🇾Malaysia 🇳🇱Netherlands 🇳🇴Norway 🇳🇿New Zealand 🇵🇹Portugal 🇸🇪Sweden 🇸🇬Singapore 🇺🇸United States

Each time you launch a recruiting campaign, we target people who match the profile, then they opt in and we qualify them. That way, we don't have people on Searchness becoming "professional testers" and potentially biasing your results. Most projects are completed within 7 days.

Works everywhere, just send a link

Record usability tests and user interviews, moderated and unmoderated. Capture the audio, the facial reactions and the screen of your participant. Everything is done in the browser, no desktop software required. You can also work on mobile websites and mobile apps using the Searchness iOS and Android apps. If your prototypes have a shareable URL, you will be able to test them too.

Synthesize and visualize your findings way faster

Add tasks and standard, research-backed surveys


Create tasks that will guide your participants during unmoderated tests. You can add different types of goals to each task, like pages visited, elements clicked or text entered in forms. You will automatically get a report with the corresponding metrics (completion rates, duration etc.)

Single ease questions

Add single-ease questions before tasks to learn how easy participants expected a task to be and after tasks to find how easy or hard they found it afterward. That will help you locate where you do meet, miss or surpass user expectations.

System usability scale

Use the system usability scale survey at the end of your usability test to get a standardized benchmark of the overall usability of your feature, website or app.

Take notes in real-time really fast

Just hit the ENTER key to mark an interesting moment and avoid losing focus on the participant during the session. Simply type "b" to code your note with "Bug" or type "u" for "User interface". Every note you take is timestamped with the video recording so you can get back to the exact moment easily, and edit your note if needed.

Retrieve every nugget of knowledge with universal search

All your sessions are automatically transcribed. We index (almost) everything, your projects, your tasks, your sessions' transcripts, your notes, themes, subthemes, labels and let you retrieve them later with a straightforward omnisearch box.

Visual note board for qualitative insights

Edit your real-time notes and add new notes when reviewing your video recordings. Code your notes with themes and subthemes.

Searchness's note board is automatically built from your notes, using the themes and subthemes you attached to them. It's flexible, durable and shareable online. You can share a link to the entire note board or to a specific theme, subtheme or note, with the timestamped video clip.

Advanced automated report

For quantitative insights

See system-level metrics like the system usability score (SUS) score and the experience vs expectation matrix in friendly, easy-to-understand visualizations. Get geeky and drill-down on your task-level metrics to understand the usability of each point of your user journey.

With metrics like conversion rate on unexpected paths, Searchness's reporting helps you discover the most interesting things in your tests without wasting time, and explore the most interesting sessions for each metric. We also automatically display confidence intervals so you can interpret your data correctly and take decisions with more certitude.

Simple and transparent pricing


For solo researchers

1 user account
Advanced recruiting
Recording on all devices
Note-taking shortcuts
Visual note board
Advanced reporting
Universal search


+ recruiting fees


Made for small teams

All Flex features
Up to 5 user accounts
Bring your own participants
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Role-based access control
Audit log


+ recruiting fees


For larger organizations

All Flex features
Up to 20 user accounts
Bring your own participants
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Role-based access control
Audit log


+ recruiting fees