The UX

Anything, anywhere

Moderated and unmoderated sessions on websites, prototypes, iOS and Android apps.

without sweating

Note-taking shortcuts, visual note board, automated reporting on your task metrics.

everyone in the loop

Unlimited user accounts. Share projects, recordings, notes, clips and reports without limits.

Searchness is a user research app that brings your recording, note-taking and insights generation under one roof and makes you more productive.

Discover a powerful way to record your research

Conduct studies on all platforms

Record usability tests and user interviews, moderated and unmoderated. Capture the audio, the facial reactions and the screen of your participants. Works on any recent desktop browser, no software or extension to install. You can also work on mobile websites and mobile apps using Searchness iOS and Android apps. If your prototypes have a shareable URL, you will be able to test them too.

Already got recordings? Searchness bulk import has you covered.

Have your interview guide, your tasks and your follow-up questions always on-screen. No more switching between Zoom and Google Docs during moderated sessions. All your notes are automatically synced with your questions and tasks so you can retrieve and synthesize them faster.

You can have multiple observers in addition to the moderator. Observers are not visible to the participant but can watch the session in real-time and take notes.

Take notes using tagging shortcuts

Just hit the ENTER key to mark an interesting moment and avoid losing focus on the participant during the session. For example, simply type "/b" to tag your note with "bug" or type "/c" for "copywriting issue". Every note you take is timestamped and synced with the video recording and transcript so you can get back to the exact moment easily, and edit your note if needed.

Synthesize and visualize your findings way faster

Use tasks and follow-up questions


Create tasks that will guide your participants during tests and interviews. You will automatically get a report with the corresponding metrics (completion rates, duration, etc.)

Follow-up questions

Ask follow-up questions to the participant after each task, with 3 types of questions available: paragraph, single answer, and multiple answer.

Retrieve every nugget of knowledge with universal search

All your sessions are automatically transcribed using Google's Speech-to-Text technology. We index (almost) everything, your projects, your tasks, your sessions' transcripts, your notes, themes, categories, tags and let you retrieve them later.

Visual note board for qualitative insights

Create notes in real-time during the session and add new notes when reviewing your video recordings. Code and organize your notes with tags, categories and themes. It's more flexible than using post-its!

Searchness's note board is an affinity map automatically built from your notes, using the tags, categories and themes you attach to them. It's flexible, durable and shareable online. You can share a link to the entire note board or to a specific theme, categories or note.

Automated report on your metrics

For quantitative insights

Drill-down on your task-level metrics to understand the usability of your user journey. Searchness's reporting helps you discover the most interesting things in your tests without wasting time, and explore the most interesting sessions for each metric. We also automatically display the confidence intervals so you can interpret your data correctly and take decisions with more certitude.

Pricing designed to spread your research


For getting started

Unlimited user accounts
30-minute maximum per session
Recording on all devices
Note-taking shortcuts
Visual note board
Quantitative reporting
Universal search


For UX teams of one

1 user account
Automated transcripts
Recording on all devices
Note-taking shortcuts
Visual note board
Quantitative reporting
Universal search


Made for small teams

Unlimited user accounts
Automated transcripts
Recording on all devices
Note-taking shortcuts
Visual note board
Quantitative reporting
Universal search


Need enterprise features?

If you need advanced capabilities like Single Sign-On (SSO), advanced permissions or audit logs, contact us at