Hello. I write "we" but it's mostly me
for now.

My name is Ismaël Sow. I'm a software developer, analytics consultant, A/B testing guy and an absolute user research wonk. In the past, I used to work at Yahoo! and did consulting for french enterprise companies like Carrefour and Orange. Currently, I live in beautiful France.

You can contact me anytime at ismael@searchness.com or (+33) 685-610-670.
Snail mail is also fine: Searchness Inc., 12 rue de Meudon, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.

Is it really just you?

Yes. While I might have employees in the future, at present I don't. I've built everything myself: the Searchness web app, the Chrome extension, the iOS application and the Android application. I also do all the support myself. If you reach out with a question, I'll be the one responding and you'll get a quick and accurate answer. Searchness is like my baby and as you'd expect, I take very good care of it.

Why did you create Searchness?

I have tons of respect for the existing tools as they pionereed the way towards making user research easier. But one huge problem is that most of them limit themselves to recording research sessions and are not that big of an improvement compared to using Skype or Zoom. Apart from recruiting participants, the most difficult aspect of doing user research is getting from data to insights. It's the grunt work of taking notes, watching recordings, taking more notes, juggling between post-it notes, Trello, spreadsheets, Airtable etc., analyzing and synthesizing everything. It's overwhelming and most tools today don't help you do that faster.

The second issue is that they charge per user, which means that either you're paying too much or you're not sharing your research enough. They penalize you for getting more people in your organization involved in user research. If we want to push user research forward and make it central to the way our orgs build products, we need more cost-effective solutions.

I've created Searchness to solve these two problems. I manage to do it by being lean, leveraging modern technology and specialized cloud services. With Searchness you get more features that save you time and you get unlimited user accounts, which saves you money and helps you spread your research throughout your organization.